Teaching basic literacy to ESOL learners

Learning Unlimited is a leader in the field of teaching basic literacy to ESOL learners.  Conventional teacher training for ESOL/EFL and Literacy teachers does not usually cover this area of overlap between the two subjects despite the fact that a large number of ESOL learners have low level or no literacy in their home language(s).

Learning Unlimited offers its own nationally acclaimed training course for ESOL and Literacy professionals – Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners (TBLEL) – which includes the course reader ‘Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL learners’ by Marina Speigel and Helen Sunderland (2006).

The four-day course covers the theory and practice of working with ESOL learners who have basic literacy needs. It aims to equip participants with ideas, strategies and skills enabling them to:

  • explore and analyse the development of reading and writing skills
  • develop their knowledge of teaching and learning approaches, including phonics
  • design and select appropriate materials and resources
  • assess and respond to their learners’ needs more easily
  • differentiate, manage and plan individual sessions and courses
  • develop their understanding of dyslexia and individual learning styles

The course can be delivered over 4 full days or 8 half days, with follow-up tasks after each session.  A Learning Unlimited TBLEL Certificate will be awarded to those who complete the full course.

Sample course programme

Session 1 Introductions
What is ‘Basic’ Literacy?
Types of learners
Session 2 Social practices approach to literacy
Where do I start?
Language experience approach
Session 3 Focus on reading
Genre approach
Session 4 Focus on writing
Theoretical frameworks
Skills involved in copying
Session 5 Multimodality
Dyslexia and learning styles
Multisensory approaches
Integrated teaching approaches
Session 6 Reflect for ESOL and participatory learning
Differentiation strategies
Planning and managing reading and writing lessons
Session 7 Assessment
Spelling strategies
Approaches to teaching handwriting
Session 8 Programme and course planning
Selecting and adapting resources
Course evaluation

A reduced version of the course can also be commissioned as a 2 day module and delivered at your premises for groups of tutors or volunteers in your part of the country.  If you would like to find out more about commissioning this course, please do get in touch.

In addition to the Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners course, Learning Unlimited has several very popular publications on the subject of teaching literacy to ESOL Learners.

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Please feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more about Learning Unlimited’s work around teaching basic literacy to ESOL learners or to discuss possible partnership work with us on projects or training which includes supporting ESOL learners’ literacy.