Financial Literacy Competences for Adult Learners

FinLiCo was a European wide project (2010-2012) which:

– helped improve the financial capability / literacy competencies of adult learners
– developed innovative training methodologies and resources to support the work
– had a strong impact in the community

The Financial Literacy Competencies for Adult Learners (FinLiCo) project involved 8 countries: Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Cyprus, Italy and the United Kingdom. This project was funded through the European Commission, Education and Culture DG, Lifelong Learning funding programme, and GRUNDTVIG.

FinLiCo Resources:

Handbook 1 – a quick glance at the content – it comprises the topics that could be taught, plus references to exercises and tools that can be used with the trainees and two examples of schemes of work. Download the document in pdf format here.

Handbook 2 – provides the respective exercises and tools referred to in the Handbook, it also includes resources and weblinks. Download the document in pdf format here.

The Toolbox – provides the respective tools referred to in the Handbooks.

Exercise 1: People Bingo
Exercise 2: Personal financial balance
Exercise 4: Pluses and minuses – all about money; Instructions
Exercise 5: Payslip
Exercise 6: Case study 1; Case study 2
Exercise 7: Postcard joint account
Exercise 8: Postcard savings
Exercise 9: Postcard quick credit
Exercise 10: Time is money
Exercise 11: My dream bike PowerPoint; Cartoon
Exercise 12: Healthcare finance PowerPoint; Cartoon
Exercise 13: Money tree
Exercise 17: Test your ‘Financial Know-how’ Board game; Questions -easy; Questions – medium; Questions – hard
Exercise 18: Best buys
Exercise 24: Consumers top 10 financial rules – example; template
Exercise 26: Supermarket self-defence – example; template
Exercise 27-33: Loads of quizzes
Exercise 34: Audio files
Exercise 35: Take care of your ID and your money
Exercise 36: Spend money
Exercise 37: Where does the money go
Exercise 46: Personal action plan
Exercise 47: What I want and what I need – a cartoon
Exercise 59: Microfinance
Exercise 62: Debt spiral poster; cards
Exercise 64: Descent into debt
Exercise 68: Getting into debt with mobile phone

The collected tools can be downloaded in one zipped file from this link. The file is around 112MB and so may take a little time to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Country analysis report (April 2011) – A snap-shot analysis report on the status of financial literacy (FL) training and education programs in the UK which can be downloaded in Word format here.

The FinLiCo project was based on findings from an earlier European project called ‘Financial Literacy’ project. This original project found that while some European countries already had examples of best practice aimed at minimizing and/or overcoming the lack of financial literacy in adults. However despite excellent efforts more and more families are having to deal with debt and efforts to reduce this had not been successful partially because the solutions tended to be short-term.

If you have information on resources, courses or wish to know more about the project please contact Beth Kelly, the UK co-ordinator, at [email protected]

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