Communities, Language and Integration Project

FREE ESOL classes for migrant*and refugee adults 

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Who can join CLIP?

  • CLIP is an ESOL and integration project for adult migrants* and refugees who are planning to settle in the UK.

*IMPORTANT: To be eligible, learners must be nationals of a non-EU country, or refugees. We are sorry that we cannot offer places to people with UK or EU citizenship.

  • Most CLIP learners are parents/ carers of pre-school and primary-aged children – but you can still register if you don’t have children.
  • Most CLIP learners live in London – but you can still register if you live outside London.

What does CLIP offer?

  • Writing practice

    FREE ESOL classes on-line and some face-to-face classes in Lambeth and Southwark in London

  • ESOL classes are twice a week at different levels from pre-Entry to Level 1
  • FREE ESOL accreditation
  • Some FREE childcare places for face-to-face programmes
  • FREE conversation clubs, family workshops, community events and trips
  • FREE volunteer training and support
CLIP learners take a boat trip to Greenwich

CLIP project news

Family crafts workshop

Here are just some of the exciting things the CLIP project learners have been doing:

  • Developing their digital skills on Zoom.
  • Passing exams
  • Taking part in on-line conversation clubs
  • Doing family workshops
  • Going on in-person and online trips
  • Writing books!
Just some of our learner-written ESOL readers

How can community organisations get involved? 

You can get in touch to discuss:

  • Signposting eligible adult migrants or refugees to CLIP ESOL classes
  • Hosting a CLIP ESOL course or other events and workshops at your centre
  • Sending us information about your programmes which we can signpost eligible learners to.
  • Signposting community members to the CLIP volunteer training and support programme
  • Helping to deliver a community workshop or event for CLIP participants on a subject or skill you can share.

To find out more about ESOL classes or volunteering on CLIP: 

Please contact Sarah Sheldon on [email protected] 

CLIP is project led by Learning Unlimited (LU) working in close partnership with English for Action (EFA)


This project is part funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.
Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union.