Welcome Walks

The Welcome Walks for asylum seekers and refugees project is an innovative community-based project supporting emotional well-being, fitness, health, integration and inclusivity in South London. We’re training and supporting a team of 10 local volunteers to facilitate community-based walks for refugees and asylum seekers (both adults and children) in Lambeth and Southwark.

The volunteers will be trained to recognise, build on and share their experiences, skills, interests and local knowledge and identify how these can be used to support refugees/asylum seekers living in cramped hotel accommodation as well as those housed in the community. And the walks will be used to encourage socially isolated refugees and asylum seekers to enjoy walking as part of getting to know their local areas, community members and service providers better.

To find out more about the Welcome Walks project, email Foufou Savitzky or Sarah Rees.

Welcome Walks is funded by Walking and Cycling Grants, a programme funded by Transport for London (TfL) and managed by the environment regeneration charity, Groundwork London