Learning Unlimited – 1st annual seminar

Learning Unlimited hosted its 1st annual seminar on Friday 25th May with a thought-provoking talk by Dr Roxy Harris from Kings College London.

His presentation, entitled ‘Language, Social Class & Education: A key issue revisited’ provided some stimulating ideas analyzing language linked to social class and its relationship with education that resulted in a lively debate.

The event, which attracted over fifty participants, then moved onto ‘Just a minute’ – an active open mic session in which colleagues were invited to speak for a maximum of sixty seconds on any education-related topic they felt passionately about. A wide range of topics were addressed such as the current uncertainty in teacher training qualifications, the burden of planning in teaching, the reality of a functional skills lecturers ‘lot’ and the role of phonics when teaching students who have a hearing impairment.

Beth Kelly, the Chief Executive of Learning Unlimited said “It was a great opportunity for colleagues from across a wide range of organisations to speak about issues that were confronting them in their current practice. The backdrop of changes across the education sector produced some very interesting discussions. We look forward to this becoming a regular spot at our annual seminar.”

Feedback from the event included such statements as:
“Inspirational lecture – plenty of food for thought. Good to see old faces too.”
“I enjoyed the event. Why? Because I was not ‘forced’ to do anything I didn’t want to do.” and
“Roxy was, as always, thought provoking and very stimulating.”

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