Communities, Language and Integration Project for families from Afghanistan

The Communities, Language and Integration Project (CLIP) is an ESOL and integration project for refugee and migrant families who are planning to settle in the UK*. From February to December 2022, CLIP has a new strand of free support specifically for families from Afghanistan.

Are you from Afghanistan? Click here to register for free support.

What does CLIP for families from Afghanistan offer?

CLIP learners take a boat trip to Greenwich, London

• Activity packs for families
• ESOL classes: on-line classes twice a week plus some face-to-face classes in Lambeth and Southwark, London. Classes are at different levels from pre-Entry to Level 1 with optional ESOL accreditation in June 2022
• Conversation clubs – online
• Workshops, short courses, trips and social events for families
• 1:1 support for families
• Some FREE childcare places for face-to-face programmes
• Volunteer training and support

Who can join CLIP for families from Afghanistan?
• CLIP participants are mostly parents/carers of pre-school and primary-aged children – but eligible adults can still register if they don’t have children.
• In-person classes, workshops, courses, trips and events are for CLIP participants in London, online activities are open to any Afghan families settling in the UK.

How can Afghan families join CLIP?
Please ask any adult refugees or migrants from Afghanistan to fill in this short form to register:
email Mary by clicking here to register

How can community organisations get involved?
If you are working with families from Afghanistan in any way, please get in touch to discuss:
• Signposting families from Afghanistan for CLIP ESOL classes, family activity packs, workshops, short courses, social events, trips and 1:1 support.
• Hosting CLIP programme activities, events and workshops at your centre if in London.
• Sending us information about your programmes which we can signpost families to.
• Helping to deliver a family workshop or community event for CLIP families.

To find out more
To find out more about activity packs, workshops, courses, trips, social events and 1:1 support for Afghan families, please contact Mary Devlin by clicking here
To find out more about ESOL classes, conversation clubs or volunteering on CLIP, please contact Sarah Sheldon by clicking here

*CLIP also has a larger ESOL and integration programme for eligible adult refugees and migrants from any countries outside the EU, including Afghanistan. To be eligible, participants need have citizenship of a country outside the EU and have a current visa or documentation to show they are in a category leading to settlement in the UK. Contact Sarah Sheldon by clicking here