New Support for ESOL Practitioners

New to ESOL: resources for learners working below, or at the very beginning of, Entry Level 1

A suite of New to ESOL materials were developed in 2019, consisting of guidance documents, a screening package and teaching materials. These were extended in 2020 with a new phonics pack to support learners who are just starting to read and write in English, and new supplementary listening materials based around five topics. These materials were commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) and produced by Learning Unlimited with Learning and Work Institute (L&W).  A New to ESOL ‘pre-Entry outcomes framework’ is expected by the end of 2020.

ESOL for refugees: resources for new arrivals

Commissioned by ETF and funded by the Home Office, the ESOL for Refugees resources aim to support ESOL practitioners to meet the needs of refugees who have recently arrived in the UK, and are working below, or at the very beginning of, Entry Level 1.  They include 12 units of teaching and learning materials, based around a simple dialogue, and are closely linked to the New to ESOL materials.  The resources were developed by L&W and LU, with the input of ESOL and refugee resettlement organisations, and refugee learners.

Volunteers, English language learners and conversation clubs

The Volunteers, English language learners and conversation clubs project developed new materials and guidance to support volunteer-led conversation clubs and other English language practice activities.  The resources include:  a set of 15 units for conversation club sessions, with guidance on using them and a toolkit of other useful ideas and activities; guidance for volunteers; guidance for organisations working with volunteers; and a research report.  A set of four supplementary videos introduces the pack. These resources were commissioned and funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, and developed by L&W and LU.

Language support for refugees: a Council of Europe Toolkit

Learning Unlimited was one of the partners involved in the development of the Council of Europe toolkit, designed to assist organisations, and especially volunteers, in providing language support for adult refugees (and asylum seekers). The toolkit comprises 57 ‘tools’ and other resources which can be downloaded and adapted to meet the needs of different contexts.