Digital Literacy in Europe

Learning Unlimited are proud to be leading this innovative Erasmus+ project exploring digital literacies in the lives of adult migrant learners and other across Europe.


On the Digital Literacy in Europe (DiLitE) project, we are working with partners in the Republic of Ireland (Meath Partnership), Spain (European Language Centre), Cyprus (Centre for Social innovation), Portugal (Mindshift) and Greece (Symplexis) to look at the relationships between adult education (in particular for adult migrants with low levels of education and/or basic literacy  digital literacies) and digital literacies, digital devices and practitioner engagement with these. Why not take a look at the DiLitE project website here.

The project began in September 2019, and runs through to September 2021. During that time the project team will together produce a set of outputs including:

A Methodology Framework

An eBook which will include a literature review, analysis and evaluation of current practice and existing learning environments, which will draw on the research we have conducted across all six countries during September – November 2019.

A Training Curriculum for Adult Educators

A flexible curriculum adaptable to different countries and contexts, which outlines what constitutes principled practice in the teaching of a broad range of literacies within the context of basic literacy, reflecting innovative approaches to learner-centred and participatory methodology and pedagogical approaches in the internet age.

A Practice Toolkit  

A set of innovative, modern and customizable resources and tools which will enable practitioners to develop their own teaching materials to build the digital capital of marginalised learners. The toolkit will be both online and printed and will be translated in all partner languages.

An Online Platform

The new digital literacy resources, including the training curriculum and practice toolkit, will be available for all those involved in the provision of adult literacy learning within an attractive, accessible, multimedia and interactive platform.

To find out more, or to discuss taking part in the development of the resources, resource piloting, special interest groups (digital literacies) or project dissemination events, please contact John Sutter at Learning Unlimited: [email protected] or call 020 3700 1161