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Long courses, short courses and workshops for parents, carers and families

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10 session course

This popular course is aimed at parents bringing up children in a bilingual environment, i.e. speaking one or more languages other than English at home.

Course content: The course covers the advantages of being bilingual, research into bilingualism, strategies for encouraging childhood bilingualism, developing bilingual resources and  choosing schools that value bilingualism. The course can be run in a wide range of settings including, for example,  children’s centres, schools and faith centres.

 “Great to get head space from my daughter to focus on something completely different and to meet and talk to other mothers”

Family Learning 1
Best start for babies
10, 20 or 30 session course

This popular course is aimed at parents and carers with babies up to 1 year old.

Course content:  language development (including bilingualism), the importance of play, weaning, sharing books with babies, bottles and dummies and other topics selected from a list by parents. Sessions also include a singing session with babies, where possible. OCN accreditation can be offered for the full version of the course and units towards a qualification can be offered for the short course.

Family Learning 6
Best start for toddlers 

10, 20 or 30 session course

This thought-provoking course is aimed at parents and carers of 1 – 3 year-old children.

Course content: Each session consists of adults only and joint sessions with toddlers in the class. During the joint session parents take part in an activity with their child, e.g. colouring, making story/song props, sharing a book/story. This is followed by half an hour of singing traditional nursery rhymes as well as songs in other languages. Course content includes social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, learning through play, language development (including the  importance of bilingualism), behaviour management, healthy eating, choosing childcare, choosing a school and other topics selected by parents. OCN accreditation can be offered for the full version of the course and units towards a qualification can be offered for the short course.

“I really enjoyed learning about my son’s development of the brain, healthy eating and bilingualism”

Family Learning 2
Family French

One day workshops or 10, 20 or 30 session course

These lively, fun and interactive sessions are run by native French speakers and are aimed at family groups including toddlers to primary school aged children.

Course content:  Parents/carers and their children can all enjoy developing some basic French conversation skills together through games, songs and interactive activities.

Healthy families 

10 to 20 session course

This new course is for any parents and carers who are interested in health and well-being.

Course content: This practical course aims to enable learners to access health information and reflect critically on the information they are presented with. During the course learners have the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics including reading and understanding food labels, the importance of exercise, common childhood illnesses and emotional well-being. Participants prepare a healthy lunch together at each session.

“It will help me to teach my kids to enjoy reading”

Family Learning 5
Helping my child with reading and writing 

10, 20 or 30 session course

This practical course is aimed at parents of nursery and primary school children.

Course content: Parents and carers can develop their understanding of how children learn to read and write, how they are taught to read and write and what the parent’s role is within that. The course can be tailored to focus on either reading or writing or to cover both skills and there is the option of offering OCN accreditation.

Introduction to Story Sacks

10 session course

This practical course is aimed at parents of nursery and primary school children.

Course content: The course is designed to encourage a lifelong love of reading, helping parents to make story sacks and use them to help their children tell stories. This course can be offered with OCN accreditation at Level 1 and/or Level 2.

“During this activity my son had loads of fun. He learnt new words and he was able to re-tell the story using the props”

Family Learning 7
Kids UK
10, 20 or 30 session course

This course is aimed at parents who have either recently arrived in the UK with young children or new parents who arrived in the UK before having children.

Course content: The course looks at the ‘culture’ of childcare in the UK and how to support  children within it. Topics covered include behaviour and discipline, child-centred approaches to teaching, the role of parents in children’s education, the importance of early childhood bilingualism and what to look for when choosing schools for children.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for on our menu, please do get in touch. We’ll be happy to discuss the best course to meet your needs.


The prices below are a guide only as costs can vary to reflect  each organisation’s needs.  Please contact Julia McGerty on 020 7911 5561 or to discuss the best package for your organisation.

½ day session – £500
1 day session – £800
10 week course (25 hrs) – £3,700
20 week course (50 hrs) – £7,400
30 week course (75 hrs) – £11,100

All prices include planning, delivery, materials, accreditation (if applicable) and administration costs.