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Learning Unlimited publications


Title Authors Price
Writing Works: A Genre Approach Spiegel & Sunderland £17.95 £14.50
Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners – Book Spiegel & Sunderland £19.95 £15.95
The Best of Language Issues ed: Bhanot & Illes £15.00 £5.00
Demystifying Dyslexia Krupska & Klein £11.95 £9.50
On The Road: Family Learning Rees Savitzky Malik £8.95 £5.00
LNN Workplace Toolkit Learning Unlimited £8.95 £5.00
Friends Families and Folk Tales Spiegel & Sunderland £12.95
Helping my Child: Reading and Writing Rees & Savitzky £12.95 £5.00
Supporting Dyslexic Students in Further Education Learning Unlimited £8.95 £5.00
Dyslexia and the Bilingual Learner Sunderland et al £8.95 £7.00
Spelling to Learn DVD & Notes Learning Unlimited £11.95 £9.55
Skills for Life Development Kit Learning Unlimited £75.00 £25.00
Teach Basic Literacy to ESOL 1 (+ DVD) Spiegel & Sunderland £11.95
Teach Basic Literacy to ESOL 2 (+ DVD) Spiegel & Sunderland £11.95 £9.55
Making Sense of Spelling Millar & Klein £7.50 £6.00
Bilingual Children: A Guide for Parents Savitzky £4.50 

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Writing Works
(9781872972541) Spiegel & Sunderland           £17.95 £14.50

This is a practical workbook which adapts the uses and some of the approaches of genre theory to the teaching of writing to adult ESOL & Basic Skills students. An invaluable resource book four teachers. Includes activities on:
– describing people      – describing places
– narratives                   – folk tales
– formal letters             –  applying for jobs & courses
– reports   – discussion essays   – comparative essays

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Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners

(9781872972602) Spiegel & Sunderland             £19.95 £15.95

Aimed at both practising ESOL teachers and teacher trainees, this book integrates theory with lots of practical suggestions for teaching. The book includes chapters on:

  • where to start
  • models of reading and writing acquisition
  • approaches to teaching basic reading & writing
  • assessment & planning
  • learning styles
  • dyslexia
  • materials
  • differentiation

“A long-awaited and invaluable book. It untangles many knots, introduces theory and proposes solutions and all in accessible, ad almost jargon-free language”

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Best of Language issues

ed Bhanot & Illes  £15.00 now £5.00, 

This compilation, originally published by LLU+ at London South Bank University, was launched on 24 April 2009 by Professor David Crystal. A selection of articles, reviews and interviews from the first 20 years of Language Issues Edited by Rakesh Bhanot and Eva Illes. Language Issues has provided a critical forum for ESOL teachers and researchers for over twenty years. Whether you are a teacher, researcher or trainee it will inform and challenge your thinking.

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Demystifying Dyslexia

(9781872972145) Krupska & Klein                             £11.95 £9.50

This book offers teachers, lecturers, trainers, counsellors and advisors an accessible and comprehensive introduction to dyslexia in young people and adults from a range of perspectives. It is intended as a resource for staff development and supporting dyslexic students. It includes sections on:

    • definitions
    • identifying dyslexia
    • the dyslexic learning style
    • theory & research
    • helping dyslexics achieve their potential

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On the Road

(9781872972350) Rees, Savitzky & Malik                         £10.00, now £5.00
A collection of powerful testimonies by parents and teachers involved in family learning.
“The testimonies in this book reflect the invaluable, and in many cases, extraordinary outcomes for parents and carers who took part in family learning courses. It serves as a record and a tribute to the hard work and courageous effort of so many who were able to face fears and uncertainties about learning with dignity and perseverance with support from dedicated teachers.” Dr. Moira Inghilleri                           Buy Now Button

LLN Workplace Toolkit

(9781872972800) Learning Unlimited                       £15.00, now £5.00

In every workplace there are staff, clients or service-users who find reading, writing and numeracy challenging. This awareness raising toolkit is a must for every organisation that wants to create a positive learning environment. It has been developed for trainers and individuals with a minimum amount of knowledge in the area of LLN to use in a range of workplace settings. The book contains a selection of photocopiable training materials designed to raise awareness of the impact that difficulties with LLN can have on an individual and offers strategies to create a more supportive workplace.

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Friends, Families & Folk Tales

(9781872972497) Spiegel & Sunderland                    £12.95

A valuable resource for teachers of ESOL and literacy, Friends, Families & Folktales contains 30 texts written by students from all over the world. Each text is accompanied by questions for discussion, and ready-to-use photocopiable worksheets with activities for practising reading, writing and grammar. The texts are graded, with the early ones at elementary level, and others becoming longer and more complex in terms of structure and vocabulary.

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Helping my child with reading and writing – Family Learning Course Materials

Rees & Savitzky                                                   £15.00, now £5.00
Photocopiable materials and lessons plans from this very successful accredited course will be invaluable for teachers and lecturers involved in family literacy or working with parents. This lively and attractive book has lessons plans, activity sheets, and checklists to provide a wealth of useful material to guide parents through the experience of learning to read, write and spell. The materials on experiential learning and individual learning styles will give parents a fundamental insight into learning, both for themselves and their children.

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Supporting Dyslexic Students in Further Education

(9781872972305) Learning Unlimited         £9.95, now £5.00

This book provides guidelines for best practice and a practical framework for establishing and developing high quality support for dyslexic students in further education. The guidelines address best practice in two ways:
– taking the students’ perspective by following their route through the college from pre-entry to progression
– identifying the managerial and administrative framework necessary to underpin high quality provision

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Dyslexia & the Bilingual Learner

(9781872972442) Sunderland et al            £8.95 £7.00

This book is written for:

  • those who assess and support dyslexic adults and young people but are not sure how to proceed when these learners also speak English as an additional language.
  • teachers of ESOL and language support who would like to know when to refer students for dyslexia assessment and what teaching methods to use to maximise dyslexic learners’ acquisition of English.

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Spelling to Learn (+DVD)
(9781872972107) Learning Unlimited                 £11.95   £9.55

Spelling is frequently the most persistent of the literacy difficulties which challenge dyslexic adults, even those who are able readers. As working on spelling can help the development of fluent writing and also improve word attack skills for reading, a spelling programme is often an important part of any individual learning plan. A structured programme based on words selected from their own writing offers individual learners the opportunity to explore their learning style and develop appropriate strategies which are transferable to other learning situations. The DVD demonstrates a diagnostic approach to teaching spelling to dyslexic adults. It shows dyslexic learners with differing profiles of strengths and weaknesses working with their tutors on individualised spelling programmes.                                             Buy Now Button


Skills for Life Development Kit
Learning Unlimited                                £75.00 now £25.00

This Learning Styles toolkit, for use with adult learners, contains materials for introducing learning styles to learners and for use in teaching literacy, numeracy and ESOL. In addition, it also contains various templates and a manual with instructions for making materials as well as ideas for using them in different contexts.

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Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners 1 (+DVD)
(9781872972923) Spiegel & Sunderland           £11.95

This booklet and DVD accompanies Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners. It demonstrates teaching literacy skills in context and is the first of two supporting DVDs. It is divided into 4 areas:

  • working with whole texts
  • managing group work
  • developing word level skills
  • language experience

The DVD was filmed in ESOL classes at City & Islington College, London.                                Buy Now Button         Currently out of stock

Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners 2 (+DVD)
(9781872972930) Spiegel & Sunderland             £11.95   £9.55

This booklet and DVD accompanies Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners. It demonstrates teaching literacy skills in context and is the first of two supporting DVDs. It is divided into 3 areas:

  • staging and delivering an ESOL basic literacy lesson
  • assessing an ESOL basic literacy learner
  • using ICT with ESOL basic literacy learners

The DVD was filmed in ESOL classes at City & Islington College, London.

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Making Sense of Spelling  – A Guide to Teaching and Learning How to Spell

(0 7085 9960 5) Millar & Klein                                       £7.50   £6.00

This booklet is intended to be a reference guide for tutors and students about learning/teaching spelling. Some sections, especially look, cover, write, check are particularly useful for students. The aim is to encourage the teacher/tutor to use the student’s own written words as the basis of a spelling programme. It explains how the teacher/tutor can analyse these word, develop an individual scheme for each student and encourage appropriate strategies for learning to spell.

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Bilingual children – A Guide for Parents

Savitzky                                                             £4.50
This booklet aims to reassure parents who are bringing up their children to speak one or more home languages as well as English that this will benefit their children.

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