Learner activity – Map of good things – practitioner guidance

This activity is taken from Module 5 of the DiLitE curriculum: Digital Literacies – survive or thrive? 

In this activity, learners mark locations onto a padlet map of the world and add links/photos/text/media to show ‘good things’. Good things could be literally anything – food, music, places, activities etc. 

The point of the activity is digital diversity and experimentation – learners can use technologies or apps or devices they favour, or want to learn to use, to add a multiplicity of items to the map. You can direct learners to the learner page –  it follows this one sequentially, but is also available separately on the link below (which will be easier for learners to access). You could email this link to your learners. 

A map of good things


The activity is designed to be self-access, but will probably work better with a degree of language/technical support from a practitioner, friend or family member, or co-habittee. Learners need to have a reasonable level of listening skills to access the film, though we have tried to keep them as visually helpful as possible. We have included some translations (via Google translate) for the written instructions.