Teaching ESOL Literacy Learners (TELLs) course

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Course dates

… Jan 2023 – … March 2023

… April 2023 – … June 2023

Who is the course designed for?

The TELLs course is aimed at all those teaching, working with, or supporting ESOL learners who have no or very limited literacy skills (in any language).  Primarily, it is ideal for those who have taken an initial TEFL/TESOL training course which, although it may have covered many aspects of teaching and learning English, did not include a focus on the acquisition and development of initial literacy. You will gain confidence, knowledge and the skills you need to help you teach this specialised area.

Aims of the course

  • develop awareness of some of the key issues, challenges and opportunities in teaching ESOL literacy learners
  • develop understanding of literacy acquisition and learner diversity
  • analyse the development of reading and writing practices in a changing world
  • develop knowledge of language / literacy teaching and learning approaches
  • develop understanding of multiliteracies, including digital literacies
  • raise awareness of appropriate methodologies, approaches and resources
  • gain understanding of approaches to assessment and planning for ESOL literacy learners

How is the course structured?

This comprehensive course is 100% self-access online and can be accessed at any time during the six-week period you enrol for. You work through the sections, units, topics and quizzes at your own pace, supported by the course e-reader ‘A teachers’ guide: teaching basic literacy to ESOL learners‘ (2006, Spiegel & Sunderland). The course consists of four substantial content sections, including videos, plus a final resources section:

Section 1: Learners, literacies and language

Section 2: Literacies in context

Section 3: Key approaches and techniques

Section 4: Diversities

Section 5: Literacy resources and websites

Each content section consists of a number of units which are sub-divided into a series of topics and quizzes, with recommended additional reading and other resources.

As you navigate through the units, you will work through the topics and video content, undertake tasks and quizzes. We advise you to work through the units in sequence, making notes as you go and reflecting on your learning.

Note: although the course is entirely self-access, two tutor-led webinars will be offered during each run of the course to provide you with an opportunity to discuss your learning, share feedback and ask questions.

Duration and time commitment

We advise you to spend at least 5 hours on each unit, so a total of approximately 20 hours for the course.

You can view and explore the content of the entire course below – click Expand All to reveal all the sections, units, topics and quizzes.

Assessment and certificate

There is no formal assessment. On completion of all the units, topics and tasks, you will be eligible to receive a Learning Unlimited certificate of completion.

Course Content

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Learners, literacies, and language
Literacies in context
Key approaches and techniques