Money Matters event

Come to our free event showcasing
financial literacy and family learning

Discuss and explore new ideas and resources for supporting families to improve their financial literacy
Tuesday 18th October 2022
9.30am-2pm, lunch included
The Clarence Centre, London South Bank University,
6 St George’s Circus, London SE1 6FE

Keynote speakers and topics:
Juliette Collier
, National Director, Campaign for Learning
Families, learning and money. What can we do to build families’ financial resilience?
Evelyn Omoike, Children and Young People Implementation Manager,
Money and Pensions Service
Families and financial wellbeing in the UK

PLUS: hear more from the Learning Unlimited team about the Money Matters Project and explore the free resources developed

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Money Matters celebration event

Come along and find out about the Money Matters project

Thursday 21st July 2022
Kennington Park Centre,
40 St Agnes Place, London SE11 4BE

  • Find out how the project can help to support families to improve their financial literacy
  • Access our free interactive resources for children/young people
  • Explore the Money Matters escape rooms and comic strips
  • Pick up information about the free Money Matters training for parents in Sep-22
  • Meet and share ideas with other adult learning professionals
  • Celebrate the work of Learning Unlimited over the last 10 years

Refreshments provided!

This event is free, but you must book your place in advance.

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Free Money Matters training

Financial literacy CPD for trainers/staff working with families

A FREE 3-day online course for anyone wanting to support families to improve their financial literacy skills

Tuesday 19th—Thursday 21st July 2022

This online course will enable you to:
• Help support families to develop better financial literacy skills
• Explore ways families can talk and learn about money together
• Access new interactive resources for children/young people
• Meet and share ideas with family learning, numeracy and other practitioners

This course will be delivered via Zoom.

This course is free, but you must book your place in advance.

Register here:
or email Mary Devlin for more information.

FL menu – workshops test

All workshops are 2 hours

Science and nature

Technology and engineering



Art and design



FL menu – courses test

Take a look at the range of Family Learning courses that we offer. If you are interested in workshops, you can find that list here.


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Support for Afghan refugees

Are you from Afghanistan?
Welcome to London!
Would you like some free support for you and your family?

 We can offer free:
• Family activity packs
• Family Learning workshops and short courses
• ESOL (English) classes – all levels (online and in person)
• Conversation clubs
• Trips to explore London
• 1:1 support

Register now by filling out this short form here:


Email Mary by clicking here

To find out more about this project, including how to help if you are a community organisation working with Afghan refugees, please click here

Please note: All in-person classes, workshops and support are in London only.

This support for Afghan refugees is part of the Communities, Language and Integration Project (CLIP)

Invitation to pilot resources for volunteers

Are you supporting refugee families? If so, we would like to invite you to take pilot some resources which we have been developing.

Background: Learning Unlimited (LU) has been commissioned by the Council of Europe to develop some resources for volunteers to use when supporting refugee families as part of its LIAM project’s work (Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM) (

We realise that many refugees can only attend support sessions if their children are with them. Also, that some volunteers and teachers may find it helpful to have access to some guidance and simple activities specifically for use with families. We have developed a range of activities and supporting guidance to help fill this gap (see table of resources below).

Getting involved: As part of the development of these resources (guidance and activities), LU is looking for some volunteers or teachers who are supporting/working with refugee families to:

– critically review some of the resources (guidance, activities or reference resource)

– pilot some of the resources with refugee families (activities only)

– both critically review and pilot resources.

There is a simple feedback form to complete and, where possible,  a short informal follow up Zoom chat to capture feedback and reflections would be very helpful.

Register interest: If you would like to get involved, and have time to review or pilot some of the resources before mid-January 2022, please do get in touch ASAP:  [email protected]

Please let us have the following information and if there any resources you would particularly like to review or pilot, please let us know:

Mobile (optional)
Your role                         Volunteer      Teacher       Other (Please specify):
Any resource preferences? Please add numbers from table or highlight numbers on table below
Review, pilot or both? Please let us know your plans and if you can pilot the resources with refugee families, please tell us a little about who with, where and when.



Anything else you would like to tell us?
Can we contact you to arrange a short chat to discuss your feedback further?                         YES      NO


Background context to help frame reviews and feedback:

  • These resources have been designed to be short (mostly 2 sides), clear and accessible.
  • The final resources could be used or adapted by volunteers or teachers online or providing face-to-face support in a range of settings across EU member states including refugee camps, with refugees in transit through member states, or with refugee families on arrival in a destination country
  • Some volunteers may not have received any training or support for their role and may be working independently – others may receive training and support in their role.
  • Some volunteers may be speakers of other languages and may still be developing language and literacy skills themselves.


1. Guidance Supporting refugee families to settle
2. Guidance Family learning (intergenerational learning) with refuges families
3. Guidance The importance of plurilingualism for families
4. Guidance Helping children to learn a new language
5. Activity Family language portraits
6. Activity Using pictures and objects for language activities with refugee families
7. Activity Basic vocabulary for families – feelings and opinions
8. Activity Basic vocabulary for families – children’s clothes
9. Activity Pre-school, primary school and other support services for refugee families
10. Activity Mapping the local area with families
11. Activity Language activities for families – Story cards
12. Activity Language activities for families – Bingo
13. Activity Language activities for families – Pelmanism
14. Activity Language activities for families – Puzzles
15. Activity Language activities for families – Our family booklets
16. Activity Language activities for families – Footsteps
17. Reference Free resources for families